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"Welcome to Calgary Pupper Doodles! There is nothing like finding your fur-ever Doodle friend and I have been SO blessed to be a part of creating that special bond between world class doodles and their families! Let me introduce myself, my name is Daina and I am the very proud mom to four beautiful young ladies! My girls have always played a key role, and have had an important hand in helping raise our pups (which is why I believe our pups love children so much!)

I have been involved in almost every aspect of dogs since the age of 10 years old. I am a proud, third generation breeder. My grandmother bred and showed dogs for 40 years. My mother was a breeder of Champion line Labrador Retrievers for over 25 years, and I grew up in the show ring, and was the primary handler/trainer to all of our Labs for many years, working hard and learning along side my mom.

I went on to work as a trainer, kennel manager, and was trained in the grooming department at the very first Super Dog Central in Courtice ON for 5 years, and learned a ton during my time there. Dogs have been, are, and always will be my one first true love, and greatest passion in life!

When I began working on my own, after my mother retired, I continued our family legacy with our line of Labs, until I realized, that sadly, most of the lines in Canada and the U.S had become more than less desirable over the years due to over and careless breeding.

I realized I could no longer better the breed. Despite all of the health testing, health problems and genetic traits began to rear their ugly head in litters.

This is what lead me to explore other options. My research lead me to hybrids, and I studied and learned everything about the breeding and genetics. All of this brought me to the Australian Labradoodle. They were very new at the time, just developed in Australia, but relatively unheard of in Canada.

I decided to follow my heart, and after my first littler of F1 Labradoodles were born over 20 years ago, I was hooked on Doodles and have not looked back since!

Since then, I have continued to learn even more, and have developed some of the BEST and most popular breeding lines in Canada, and the States. My goal was simple, to develop a K9 companion that fit my idea of the perfect dog- a beautiful, medium sized dog that was allergy friendly (low dander, and non shedding) exceptionally intelligent and adaptable to just about any environment or situation, a dog with a stable, gentle, loving and loyal temperament, that would be devoted, protect, and love on children and people of all ages and stages! A dog that would be a best friend, a companion, and a part of the family. And above all else, HEALTHY and long lived of the genetic monsters I knew too well...and that dog, was the Aussiedoodle!

We have developed a fabulous line of Multigenerational doodles, more recently including the miniature Multigenerational Sheepadoodles of color! (merle markings with blue eyes) but still with the color pattern of the Old English Sheepdog.

It has taken me, and my family, a long time and a lot of hard work and dedication to be where we are now, with a lot of people to thank along the way who helped make these dreams a reality!

We here at Calgary Pupper Doodles want you to feel like one of the family! So welcome to our big doodle family!**

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Hello, my name is Francesca, and the lovely Daina became a big part of my life a few years ago when I started my own journey of looking for a Doodle companion.

Even after I took my Aussiedoodle puppy home, we stayed in touch and became friends. Daina and her dogs have given me a HUGE passion for doodles, and the joy, healing, and love they can bring. This new found love has lead me to do my own research on dog behavior, psychology, training, responsible pet ownership, and everything else in between!

Now I get the chance to help others find their best friend by helping Daina run the page and she's taken me under her wing to be mentored 💗 I mean, who wouldn't get obsessed with these little puppy faces!?

I'd love to be even a small part of the joy you'll find in these amazing puppies :)
I love getting to know our new Pupper Doodle families and being a part of you bringing your puppy home! As well as running the website, Facebook, and Instagram pages, I'll be a part of Pupdates, helping with selections, photos, video calls, and spending hands on time with your puppy!