There are 3 main reasons we take deposits for our puppies

1) There's alot of care and cost that goes into your puppy (even before they're here!) We have vet visits and appointments, and top quality care for our breeding lines, which includes vitamins and supplements, and high quality speciality foods (especially for momma's) vaccinations, and checkups (including health/genetic testing)

We either breed and raise our own dogs, or pay fees for using a service stud from another breeder.

There's also the cost of heating lamps, electric blankets, whelping boxes, shampoos and cleaners, and the list goes on! And all of this is *before* your puppy is even born!

Puppies need medication for parasites, vaccinations, vet exams, and food to transition from weaning

"there are only three ways to make money as a dog breeder: Breed more often; breed more cheaply; or elevate the quality of your bloodline, making it possible to charge more for each animal" we love our dogs and believe the third is the only appropriate option

2) Part of responsible breeding is making sure we're not contributing to the overpopulation of dogs. We always try to make sure we have families lined up for the puppies that are coming so having a list of people that are ready and waiting means we never have to worry about our puppies finding homes

This leads us right into number 3....

3) A deposit is a commitment. Our doodles can live up to 15 years or longer. The decision to add a puppy to your home is not one that should be made lightly. If you're hesitating to put down a few hundred dollars, it might not be the right time to consider adding the commitment, responsibility and cost of a puppy


Your puppy is in our care for the first 8 weeks of their life, and we take that responsibility seriously. We want to set your puppies up for success, to give them a great start on being confident, happy, healthy puppies, who will grow into amazing dogs!

This post is to share more on what we do with your puppies while they're still with us

We do ENS with our puppies (early neurological stimulation)


"Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is a process we start doing that introduces mild stresses to very young puppies in a controlled way. These stresses help stimulate the neurological system which improves the growth and development of the pup's immune system, cardiovascular system, and stress tolerance"

Physical stimulation includes holding puppy in different positions, like belly up, tummy down, head to ceiling and tail to floor, and tail to ceiling and tummy to floor.

In the beginning these positions are only held for a few seconds at a time.

From the start, we practice handling your puppy, especially sensitive areas like their paws, toes, muzzles, and ears as well as practice opening their mouth and touching gums

We provide audible desensitization by playing noises like doorbells, sirens, and fireworks on a low volume in the background. They experience noises like hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, tv and radio

They'll have their first introduction to running water, and have their first bath, towel dry, and interaction with a blow dryer.

They'll have tactile stimulation: being touched by different textures like hands, a brush, towels, blankets, comb, and gloves, with different pressures

They'll have an introduction to kennel training, and will spend time in a play pen

They will have playtime with different people, siblings, and get to play with toys that are also educational and stimulating

We'll make a point of wearing sunglasses and hats around your puppy as well

Puppies will also have car rides to and from the vet's office where they'll have checkups and more handling/socializing with vet staff

We also start working on bite inhibition and soft mouths, by hand feeding pups

We consider it our privilege and responsibility to do the best we can with your puppies before they come home with you!


**Our puppies will go home with the following**

-A genetic health guarantee against all major genetic disorders

-30 Days of FREE HEALTH INSURANCE FROM TRUPANION Canada's#1 Pet health insurance company! Includes 90% unlimited coverage on everything except for regular routine maintenance

-All vaccinations are kept up to date

-Clean bill of health from vet

-Our deworming process starts at 4 weeks of age and is continued every 12 days until home time

-Revolution treatment is given at 8 weeks old (this is a 30 day parasite prevention that protects against all internal and external parasites)

-All health records

-A personalized birth certificate

-Puppy's first beautiful, locally handmade, custom collar!

-First toy! a Kong brand name floppy knot that will smell like mama and littermates

-Small bag of the kibble they are currently eating (pups are fed Royal Canadian medium puppy food and we supplement 3 days a week with a natural holistic human grade dehydrated food called The Honest Kitchen)

-Lifetime breeder support! We are only a phone call away for any and all questions and love to stay connected with our doodle babies and their families!

Puppies are ready to go home between 8-10 weeks old

You will be invited our for an in-person visit when the pups are 4-5 weeks old

Deposit is $400, this guarantees you will get the puppy you choose. Deposits can be made via e-transfer, Cash, or bank draft. The remainder is due on or before pick up day

**Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE but ARE transferable to another litter**

ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD ON NON BREEDING SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACTS! We are very strict about this as we NEVER want our pups ending up in the wrong hands